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The best car; Audi SQ5

My favorite car is Audi SQ5. I like this car very much. The car has attraction, fortunately I am making plan to purchase the car. It is very economic with good horsepower, since I am not quite rich. However, the car provides us 350hp great power with reasonable price of about $80,000. In addition, the maker dealers, Audi give us much economic promotion. It is most satisfied with the minimum cost. Secondly, the car is very useful because the car is sport utility vehicle. It has lots of space. Therefore, the big person like me whose length is 185 cm can also ride comfortably. It is also great for person to gain each power and useful space. Finally, the car is very smart because this car is equipped with the latest high-tech. Thus, it can be driven by themselves. Moreover, sometimes the car makes me avoid an accident naturally. It also makes me feel comfort in driving and makes us less tired. In short, the Audi SQ5, is the very best car to me.

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