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The great

Korea has the deep history.

The name of Korea is started from Corea.

Corea is the name Arabian merchants had called Goryeo which is name of Korea.

Ordinary people used to know that Goryeo is only the Goryeo of 10C to 14C, however Goguryeo we know is also Goryeo, Corea, Korea.

King Dongmyeong the great found Goguryeo in B.C 37.

His descendant, king Jangsoo the great the great renamed Goguryeo to Goryeo(Corea) in 5C.

His father is king Gwanggaeto the great.

The great king’s grace reaches to heaven of sky, The dignity wields to the four seas.

King Gwanggaeto the great and King Jangsoo the great is the great.

The great king, at the same time, it must have great power for leading people. By the way, Is the wrong that the great king has great power?

The great king’s great, I think that The great makes king, the great take care of people, moreover It’s hard for great person to distress people.

The great king has the great obligation as responsibility with the great power for their people.

By the way, any people regard great power bad or immoral as negative.

To Great leader needs Great power, must have great power with sacred.

Why should we negate sacred rights?

The sacred things lead something sacred.

If central and local aristocracy helped the great king in 4C, 5C Corea(Goguryeo, Goryeo), how was it? or if the great kings have more really great power, how was it?

The great is

The more really powerful, The more really great.

Powerful, the Great.

The great Corea.

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